Social Change

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Nisbet, 1972[edit]

A succession of differences in time in a persisting identity.

Nisbet, Robert A. Social Change New York: Harper and Row. 1972:1

Foss and Larkin, 1986[edit]

The quantitative and qualitative changes in the appearances of social relations which continue throughout periods of dissidence and quiescence alike.

Foss, Daniel A, and Ralph Larkin. Beyond Revolution A New Theory of Social Movements. South Hadley: Bergin & Garvey Publishers 1986:2

Pinquart and Silbereisen, 2004[edit]

In broad terms, social change can be defined as change in typical characteristics of a society, such as norms, values, cultural products, and symbols.

Pinquart, Martin, and Rainer K. Silbereisen. "Human development in times of social change: Theoretical considerations and research needs." International Journal of Behavioral Development 28.4 2004:289.