Social Structure

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Radcliffe-Brown, 1958[edit]

The continuing arrangement of persons in relationships defined or controlled by institutions, ie, socially established norms or patterns of behaviors.

Radcliffe-Brown, Alfred Reginald. Method in social anthropology: Selected essays. University of Chicago Press, 1958:177

Blau, 1977[edit]

Social structure can be defined as the multidimensional space of different social positions among which a population is distributed.

Blau, Peter Michael. Inequality and heterogeneity: A primitive theory of social structure. New York: Free Press, 1977:4

House, 1981[edit]

Persisting and bounded pattern of social relationships (or pattern of behavioral interaction) among the units (that is, persons or positions) in a social system.

House, J.S., "Social Structure and Personality". In: Rosenberg, M., Turner, R.H. (Eds.), Social Psychology. Basic Books, Inc., New York, pp. 525–561. 1981:542