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Dewey, 1915[edit]

A society is a number of people held together because they are working along common lines, in a common spirit, and with reference to common aims. The common needs and aims demand a growing interchange of thought and growing unity of sympathetic feeling.

Dewey, J. The school and society. (Rev. ed.). Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1915:14

Kroeber, 1948[edit]

A group of interrelated individuals.

Kroeber, Alfred L. Anthropology (Second Edition). New York: Harcourt, Brace. 1948:7

Toynbee, 1961[edit]

Society is the total network of relations between human beings.

Toynbee, Arnold J. A Study of History: Volume XII Reconsiderations. Ed. D. C. Somervell. Oxford University Press, 1961:8

Giddens, 1989[edit]

A group of people who live in a particular territory, are subject to a common system of political authority, and are aware of having a distinct identity from other groups around them.

Giddens, A. Siociology Cambridge: Polity Press. 1989:731