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Weber, 1926[edit]

An effective claim to social esteem in terms of positive or negative privileges.

Weber, M. "Economy and society: An outline of interpretive sociology". In G. Roth & C. Wittich (Eds.). Berkeley: University of California Press. 1978[1920]:305.

Ball and Eckel, 1996[edit]

High rank on some dimension that is held by society to be important.

Ball, S.B. and C.C. Eckel 'Buying status: Experimental evidence on status in negotiation' Psychology and Marketing, 13 (4) 1996:381

Keltner, Gruenfeld and Anderson, 2003[edit]

The outcome of an evaluation of attributes that produces differences in respect and prominence.

Keltner, D., Gruenfeld, D.H. & Anderson, C. 'Power, Approach, and Inhibition', Psychological Review, 110(2), 265-284. 2003:266