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Jack PhoenixShoutWiki Staff


Hi Jack, thanks a lot for your help! Yet for some reason, when entering my analytics account, it still says 'Tracking not Installed', even after the change you made. Any idea why that might be? Actually, any other way to follow the traffic to my site (i.e., have a sense of how many people enter it) would be just as good. If you have other suggestions I'm happy to hear about them.

Also, could you please be so kind as to remove the 'ShoutWiki is looking to hire three new interns!' part above? The problem is that whener I or anyone else adds a link to AnthroDef on facebook, this phrase appears as the abstract - and it might give people a very wrong idea about the site. Thanks again!!


Benbelek (talk) 14:12, 10 February 2013 (UTC)